Club History

Once upon a time, there were two Rotary Clubs, Rotary Club of North Greenville [RC-NG] and Rotary Club Greenville East [RC-GE]. RC-NG was formed in 1955. The Parker Rotary Club was created in 1956 but shortly thereafter changed its name to the Rotary Club Greenville East.

The leadership of the two Clubs independently concluded that the membership was not large enough to sustain the respective Clubs over the long term. Rather than just folding the Clubs, the Leadership of the two Clubs met and concluded that by combining the membership it would be possible to have enough members to sustain and grow a much stronger organization. The two separate Clubs combined in 2018 and took the new name of the Rotary Club of Greenville City Center. The Club meets at the Poinsett Club on East Washington Street

Since the merger, the combined Club has successfully sustained itself through the Covid-19 pandemic and maintained its merger growth of more than 50 active, diverse members from 2019 to 2022,  and remains a District recognized membership success story.